About us

Why FlannelBox?

Sure you can go other online retailers or apps and find vintage shirts, so why choose flannel box. What separates us from any competition is simple, we only sell flannels. 100% of our time is dedicated to flannel shirts opposed a lot vintage shops that carry a variety of products we only look for flannels which allows us to provide you the best flannel shirts out there.


Not a mystery box?

No. Its no mystery, whether you purchase 1 or 10 of our shirts you're getting the best quality vintage flannels on the market. We choose to not call our boxes a "surprise" or "mystery" because we stand by all of our flannels, knowing they're great. All of our shirts are hand selected and inspected to make sure you're getting a flannel you'll love, so the only surprise is the pleasant surprise you'll receive opening your box of vintage flannels.

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